Our mission

Hi! and welcome to the home of Foxrocket Media, we are a small and experienced design and development studio based in the heart of Wales (UK). We specialize in creating and launching top notch websites and applications high into the online stratosphere. Our team has a broad range of skills both set in the online world as well as the more traditional offline. We are at home creating the most visually impacting and accessible site you have come across as we are designing a publication that knocks the visual socks off you and your clients.

We strive to not just treat our clients as just an income source as so many design studios do, but to develop strong relationships that strengthen both your company and ours.

We Flexibility

Here at Foxrocket we adore flexibility, for us that is one of the most important parts of doing great business and gaining trusted clients / friends in the process. In fact we feel flexibility is what makes our little design studio so strong, we have a strong core team which we can then build on with an extensive list of great freelancers who we have worked with on many projects. Allowing us to keep costs low when needed whilst retaining the ability to pull off even the biggest of jobs. (Are you a freelance Developer, Designer or Writer ? if so and your interested in speaking with Foxrocket please drop us a line. We are always looking for great talent)

We would like to encourage you to talk to us if you have a different approach to your ideas / projects with us. Do you have very little funding or budget to get your ideas off the ground ? but would be willing to offer a share of the profit once the site were to go live ? get in touch!

Our Services

  • Design & Visual Impact

    From online to offline, the Foxrocket team has the ability to satisfy your clients visual munchies

    From User Interfaces & website mock-ups to Business Cards & Brochures. And everthing inbetween

    Tools: JQuery, (X)HTML, CSS2 & 3, Mootools, Adobe Creative Suite

  • Development

    With experience in developing, deploying and debugging web applications in a dizzying amount of acronyms you can rest assured your project is in good hands.

    Tools: Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PHP, CodeIgniter, Coldfusion, MySQL

  • Content Management

    If you have the content, we have the skills to provide you with anything from a fully custom built CMS system to a modified open-source solution.

    Tools: Wordpress, Expression Engine, Joomla

Recent Work

  • Web design and development for 'Cut the Bull'
  • Flash design and development for Eyeful Presentations
  • Web design and development for Re-Glaze Windows